Star Wars: i 17 migliori baci di tutta la saga cinematografica

Star Wars: i 17 migliori baci di tutta la saga cinematografica

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STAR WARS. Il sito ha proposto una classifica speciale dedicata ai migliori baci della saga cinematografica. Concordate con questa lunga lista?

Star Wars – i 17 migliori baci

17. Finn and Rose, on the lips, The Last Jedi

16. Luke and Leia, forehead, The Last Jedi

15. Padmé and Anakin, “A happy moment,” Revenge of the Sith

14. Finn and Rey, forehead, The Force Awakens

13. Val and Beckett, traditional style, Solo: A Star Wars Story

12. Lando, Leia’s hand, Empire Strikes Back

11. Padmé and Anakin, “I don’t like sand,” Attack of the Clones

10. Luke and Leia, on Luke’s cheek, “for luck,” A New Hope

9. Padmé and Anakin, secret wedding kiss, Attack of the Clones

8. Han and Leia, “He’s my brother,” Return of the Jedi

7. Han and Q’ira’s first kiss of the film, Solo: A Star Wars Story

6.  Han and Leia, “Someone who loves you,” Return of the Jedi

5. Luke and Leia, on the mouth, Empire Strikes Back

4. Han and Q’ira, in the Falcon cape closet, Solo: A Star Wars Story

3. Padmé and Anakin, about to die in the arena, Attack of the Clones

2. Han and Leia, “I Love You/I Know,” Empire Strikes Back

1.  Han and Leia, first kiss on the Falcon, Empire Strikes Back